At Hunter Financial Planning, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, personalised financial plans, and ensuring you're successful in reaching your dreams and goals.

We'd love to tailor a plan to suit you like we have done with many of our valued clients. You can see some of their journey here, and then start your own success story.

Akuila Uate  NRL Player, NSW & Australia Representative

Akuila Uate
NRL Player, NSW & Australia Representative

"I needed someone to trust, and to be my financial coach"

Coming from Fiji to Australia, I needed someone to trust and to be my financial coach. That's why I'm with Hunter Financial Planning - and I couldn't be happier!

Michael Hart  Accounting and Tax Manager

Michael Hart
Accounting and Tax Manager

"Phil and his entire team have been extremely helpful & knowledgeable."

I've found the team at Hunter Financial to be very accessible and eager to assist in answering any questions, and they have spent extra time explaining in plain language all relevant information to me so everything is very transparent and clear.

I've recommended them on numerous occasions as advisors who take genuine interest in their clients financial affairs.

Josh and Chanelle  Young Family

Josh and Chanelle
Young Family

"We realised we had no financial plan for us or our children."

You and your team opened our eyes to the world of investment and wealth creation, using easy to understand terms! We left our first meeting excited and eager to begin.

You didn't just sign us up then forget all about us, you kept us up to date with what is happening within financial realms.

You're ethical, honest and caring. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending your business to anyone. We feel at ease knowing our financial future is being looked after by HFP.

Yvonne Mackay  Pensioner

Yvonne Mackay

"Thank you for your delightful surprise!"

On the morning of my birthday I received a delightful surprise from Hunter Financial Planning.

Your good wishes accompanied with the gift of chocolate and sparkling wine were very much appreciated and well enjoyed!

Thanks again!

Chereyl Parkes  Satisfied Client

Chereyl Parkes
Satisfied Client

“I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with Hunter Financial”

Many thanks to for helping me with my super in recent years, in particular the recent TPD claim you successfully managed for me.

When we first talked about it you mentioned that it may take 12 months and I was happy with that - however you managed to make it happen in four months, couldn't ask for more than that!!

The whole process was painless for me, a few phone calls and emails from you to glean information regarding my doctors' details and to keep me updated on the progress of the matter, was my total involvement - you did all the rest AND in record time.

I couldn't be happier or more impressed with the excellent and friendly service from all the other staff I have met at Hunter Financial.

Terry & Rhonda  Retirees

Terry & Rhonda

"We found Hunter Financial to be very professional and friendly."

Having recently retired from a management position, we were concerned with the future of our investments through superannuation.

While we are relative new comers to HFP, based on our own experience we can confidently recommend Hunter Financial to prospective investors.

Thurza Snelson  Widow

Thurza Snelson

"I have recommended their services to many, and will continue to do so, with the utmost confidence."

I became a client of Philip T. Smith at Hunter Financial Planning in 2005. In a short time I realised that I had just made one of the most positive and important decisions of my adult life, and that initial opinion has only been further enforced over the years.

Although I am not a wealthy person by any means, I am treated with such respect and attention that I feel as though I am a wealthy client of great importance and social standing. I have never been "fobbed off", or made to feel like "small fish", which in fact, I am.

During the more than eight years as Phil's client, I have been through many life changes, including retirement, nursing my terminally ill husband until his death, becoming a grandmother, personal health issues; all of which, compounded, meant some serious decisions to be made about the now and near future.

The members of staff at Hunter Financial Planning are obviously chosen with great
care, exhibiting not only the qualifications for the role, but also the personality and attitude to be interested in the clients, and to be pleasant and helpful at all times.

At the age of 65, with limited finances, widowed and living alone, I am fortunate to be
able to say, I trust Philip Smith implicitly, and feel safe in his capable hands. I have recommended their services to many, and will continue to do so, with the utmost confidence.

Kevin & Becky Pond  Kevin's Meats

Kevin & Becky Pond
Kevin's Meats

"Thank you for your friendly and professional manner"

We started meeting with you in June 2008 on the recommendation of our accountant.

You methodically helped us sort through our personal and small business affairs giving us a much clearer picture of where we were up to and what we wanted to achieve for the future.

We are now closer to the end of our work life and feel secure in knowing that we have everything in order and that you will be there to help us transition into this next stage of life.

We would also like to thank you for consulting with our son and wife, setting them on a sound financial course for a very positive future.

Start your journey to financial success today like many of our clients above, with a tailored plan customised to your goals and future.

Client photographs above may not be their actual image as some may have been replaced due to privacy requests. However their names, stories and experience with Hunter Financial Planning are very real.