Police Citizens Youth Club Of Lake Macquarie

"Dear Brian, Philip and the team.

I would like to thank you on behalf of the Police, staff, volunteers and young people of the PCYC Lake Macquarie for your wonderful donation you made to the club.

This much needed money will go direct towards the programs and activities that our Police run each week here at the club.

The program of most benefit will be our Breakfast Program. Our police collect 8 young boys from the local area once a week at 6.30am and bring them to the club where they participate in an exercise program for 60 minutes. After this, they are all fed a healthy and balanced breakfast, placed in their school uniforms and dropped at the school gate at 8.55 each Thursday morning.

This program directly affects the wellbeing and education of disadvantages and at risk young people located in our local community.

Without the amazing support of people like Brian the PCYC would be unable to offer programs like this.

Thank you Brian and the incredible team at Hunter Financial Planning, your generosity has been felt by many."

Andrew Best | Club Manager